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Experience Temple Works

Temple Works Roof

About the Project

The Experience Temple Works project is a multisensory virtual archive of Temple Works in South Leeds. Created using a unique combination of photographic, sound recording and interactive technologies, it is designed to offer an immersive experience of the building from anywhere in the world and to serve as a collaboratively constructed archive of knowledge, memories and stories related to the building.


To explore the 360° view of each location, simply click and drag to rotate.

To navigate around the site, click on places you would like to go (through doorways, to the other side of the room etc.) and you will move through the space. A ‘tooltip’ starting with “▲GO” will be displayed whenever the cursor is positioned over an area that you can move to.

Selected things within most locations can be zoomed to a fullscreen view. Click on things that you would like to examine in more detail. A ‘tooltip’ starting with “+ ZOOM” will be displayed whenever the cursor is positioned over something that can be zoomed.


The project seems to work well on most browsers and devices (including tablets and smart phones). However, if you are experiencing problems, please try downloading and using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser. If the project is slow or unresponsive, try making the browser window smaller.


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This is the BACK button.
It returns you to your previous location.
map button icon
This is the MAP button.
It opens an interactive map that allows you to jump to other locations in the building.
time shift button icon
This is the 'TIME SHIFT' button.
It allows you to shift to another point in time within the same location.
zoom buttons icon
These are the ZOOM controls.
They zoom the current view in and out.


As a project in development, your feedback is very welcome. Please visit the following address to contact the developer, Tom Jackson: