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to the Experience Temple Works project

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The Experience Temple Works project is not only designed to offer an immersive experience of the building from anywhere in the world, it is also intended to serve as a collaboratively constructed archive of information related to the building.

If you have knowledge, memories or stories relevant to Temple Works, please contribute to this archive in order to make it as meaningful as possible.


1) Click the 'Show/hide contributions' button in order to display the contributions panel:

2) Login/Register with the 'Disqus' system (which is used to store and display your contributions):

Login Button Screenshot

3) Write a short 'biography' in your Disqus profile. This should describe your relationship to Temple Works to give context to your contributions.
For instance:

"Resident artist at Temple Works from 2014-2016." or
"Worked as a VDU operator for Kay's Catalogue from 1989-1992."

4) Navigate to any part of the building that you would like to contribute to. Submit your contributions using the panel.
(Contributions are saved to your current location within the building.)

Post Button Screenshot

Please DO:

  • Make all of the following types of contributions:
    • Knowledge: If you have knowledge regarding the history of the building, the artchitecture, the works of art the building contains, the businesses that have occupied the building etc. that information is very welcome.
    • Memories: If you have ever worked inside the building, been a resident artist, used the building for filming, photography or as a rehearsal space etc. please share your memories of those experiences.
    • Stories: If you have stories about Temple Works or events related to the building, please contribute those too.

  • Try to make your contributions as specific as possible. Include dates, names etc. wherever possible and try to find the most relevant location within the building to submit your contribution.

  • Feel free to include all of the following in your contributions:
    • Images uploaded into the Disqus system.
    • Sound recordings and videos (hosted elsewhere and submitted via links).
    • Links to news stories, projects made at Temple Works, publications etc. that relate to your contribution.

Please DO NOT:

  • Submit hearsay, rumours or any other contributions that you are not sure are true. Please only submit memories and stories experienced first-hand.
  • Use the contribution system for discussing this virtual archive project or submitting opinions of it. Feedback on the project is very welcome but please contact the developer using the form here:
Thanks very much for taking the time to contribute.